Introduction and Research Interests

Dr Adeyemi Daniel Adetimehin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow under the mentorship of Professor Victoria Gibbon at the Division of Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology, Department of Human Biology, University of Cape Town. He obtained his BSc (Hons) in Animal and Environmental Biology at the University of Benin, Nigeria in 2016 where he graduated with a First-Class Honors. He completed his PhD in 2023, specializing in Forensic Entomology at the Division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Department of Pathology, University of Cape Town.

Dr Adetimehin’s research interests lie in:

  • Entomology
    • Forensic, medical, agricultural, and stored-product entomology
    • Integrated pest management
    • Biological control of invasive species
  • Taphonomy
    • Decomposition ecology in terrestrial ecosystems
    • Impact of body decomposition on larval mass and soil chemistry
    • Vertebrate and invertebrate scavenger assemblage and behavior on decomposing bodies
  • Forensic Sciences
    • Forensic entomological evidence collection from crime/death scenes
    • Minimum time since death estimations using entomological and taphonomic evidence


Dr Adetimehin started his Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in October 2023, after receiving the PDOC Biomedical Engin Gibbon Award. In November 2023, he was notified to be one of the ten recipients of the prestigious and highly competitive University of Cape Town’s Research Committee (URC) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for 2024, extending his Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to March 2026.


Dr Adetimehin’s research as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow is focused on generating baseline data on the synergistic role of vertebrate and invertebrate scavengers, clothing and sharp force trauma on the decomposition rate and pattern of vertebrate remains in the Western Cape Province. Furthermore, his research seeks to stimulate research interaction and collaboration between the Departments of Human Biology and Pathology with the view of combining forensic entomology and taphonomy expertise in addressing the current medico-legal needs of the Western Cape Province. His research is funded by the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences Multidisciplinary/Interdepartmental Stimulus Grant awarded to Professor Victoria Gibbon.

Teaching and Student Supervision

Dr Adetimehin teaches several topics in forensic entomology ranging from introduction to forensic entomology, to methods of collection, rearing and identification of forensically important insects to Honours and Masters students across the Departments of Pathology and Human Biology.  He is also a Co-supervisor on a PhD project which aims to examine the contribution of vertebrate scavengers and their interactions with invertebrate scavengers such as insects on the rate of decomposition of clothed porcine bodies within the Table Mountain region of the City of Cape Town, South Africa. Furthermore, Dr Adetimehin is a Collaborator and Co-supervisor on a research project at the University of Benin, focused on developing baseline data on the assemblage of blow flies in selected areas within Benin Metropolis, Southern Nigeria.

Social responsiveness and Capacity development

Dr Adetimehin is actively involved in several outreach initiatives across the Departments of Pathology and Human Biology where he introduces high school learners and students from several schools within the City of Cape Town to the roles of insects in medico-legal investigations. He is also involved in the training and capacity development of undergraduate and graduate students in Nigeria specifically on the identification of forensically important flies and their overall importance in medico-legal investigations alongside the development of research methodologies, survey designs and research data collection.

Research Publications

The full list of Dr Adetimehin’s scientific publications can be accessed on Google Scholar through this link:


  1. Adetimehin, A. D., Mole, C. G., Finaughty, D. A. and Heyns, M. (2023). Incidental observation of bone modification by Crematogaster cf. liengmei (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Cape Town, South Africa. Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology.

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