Current Honours Students

Siwaphiwe Mfengu
honours student 2023

Thesis title: Assessing skeletal trauma using the bioarchaeology of care approach on a pre-colonial San and/or Khoekhoe individual from the Northern Cape, South Africa
Supervisory team: A/Prof Victoria Gibbon & Mr Calvin Mole
Email: Siwaphiwe Mfengu


Kirstin Lore Snyckers

Title: Osteobiographic analysis of human remains from Green Point, South Africa.

Supervisory team: A/Prof VE Gibbon and A/Prof J Friedling.

Email: Kirstin Lore Snyckers


Refilwe Ledwaba

Thesis title: A case study applying the bioarchaeology of care approach: Analysis of a historic individual with skeletal pathology from the 18th to 19th centuries, Cape Peninsula, South Africa.

Supervisory team: A/Prof. Victoria Gibbon and Mr Daniël Kotze

Email: Refilwe Ledwaba


Tumi Molale

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Thesis title: Gender Based Violence in deceased individuals: a primary overview examining postcranial trauma

Supervisor: A/Prof Jacqui Friedling 

Email: Tumi Molale.


Helena Seebran

Project title: Assessment of the effect of trauma on the morphometric analysis of the cranium in an adult cadaveric sample

Supervisor: Associate Professor J Friedling

Email: Helena Seebran


Zák Davidson

Dissertation title: Effects of dental treatment on forensic sex estimation from dentition in a modern population of the Western Cape of South Africa

Supervisor Team: A/Prof Jacqui Friedling & Dr Susan Chandler

Email: Zák Davidson


Amiksha Sujan