Dr Kavita Lakha

Forensic Anthropologist

Dr Lakha is a forensic anthropologist and works for the MIssing Persons Task Team in the National Prosecuting Authority in South Africa. She completed both her undergraduate BSC and BSc honors degree at the University of Witwatersrand. In 2006 she was awarded the Nelson Mandela scholarship to pursue her studies in the United Kingdom where she received her Master’s degree in Forensic Anthropology and Crime Scene Investigation. Her dissertation centered around the study of decomposition of pigs in accumulated degree days.

She completed her master’s degree and began working for the Missing Persons Task Team in the National Prosecuting Authority where she continues to serve as a Forensic Anthropologist. The Mandate of the MPTT as handed down by the Truth and Reconciliation commission centers around tracing the fate and whereabouts of the many individuals who went missing in the period 1960-1994. The work entails the investigation into Missing individuals as well as the exhumation, analysis and handover of positively identified remains.

She received her PhD from the University of Cape Town in 2016. Her research dealt with age estimation of age in children and adolescents through the interpretation of the stage of union. These standards could then be applied to forensic cases. This research is currently being prepared for publication and their are som eopportunities for student involvement to expand on this work at UCT.

In 2017, She was awarded with the Mail and Guardian Top 200 young South Africans nomination.