The CIDRI-Africa core grant is acknowledged in publications arising from the use of advanced equipment administered by the Centre, carried out at its clinical research sites, or where substantial use of the data platform or its employees has been made. Similarly, investigators, postdoctoral and doctoral Fellows directly and partially employed using Centre funds must include the Centre as an affiliation. The publications listed here specifically acknowledge CIDRI-Africa funding and/or list CIDRI-Africa as the affiliation of one or more authors. Please refresh your cache to ensure you are viewing the latest version of the list.

For Centre members: please refer to the Journal Checker Tool and Directory of Open Access Journals prior to deciding on a publishing avenue. In addition, see Wellcome's "Open access guidance", "Complying with our open access policy", "Guidance for Wellcome Trust Centres and Africa and Asia Programmes" and "How to acknowledge Wellcome funding in research publications" for information related to compliance with Wellcome's open access publication policy.