The purpose of the Basic Science Platform is to provide the laboratory infrastructure and technical support to ensure the safe handling of infectious material; to increase the capacity to maximally utilise clinical samples; and significantly expand the scope and depth of scientific investigations. This platform is embedded within the IDM’s BSLIII facility, which comprises two well-equipped laboratories on Levels 1 and 2 of the Wernher & Beit South building and supports approximately 80 registered and in-training users. The Level 1 laboratory was refurbished in 2016 to allow the installation of new, state-of-the-art equipment, which includes an ImageXpress Micro Confocal high-content scanner (HCS); a BD FACSAria Fusion flow cytometer; a multi-mode plate reader (Spectramax iD3); and a Leica cryostat. The HCS forms part of an advanced imaging suite within the Level 1 BSLIII laboratory, which also includes a newly installed Zeiss Elyra superresolution microscope. To maximise its utility, the BSLIII platform is embedded within the operational and technical support structures of the IDM and Faculty of Health Sciences. The platform is supported by a Senior BSLIII Technologist and a Laboratory Technologist, each of whom devote 50% of their time to supporting the BSLIII laboratory-based activities of CIDRI-Africa. This platform also supports a new investigator, Associate Professor Suraj Parihar, who is responsible for developing an independent research program, and facilitating collaborative research across CIDRI-Africa. He also serves as Platform Academic for the BSLIII facility.