The Regenerative Medicine Group, led by Professor Neil Davies, is focussed on the development and application of novel injectable biomaterial scaffolds for cardiovascular therapies. A major area of interest is the prevention of progression to heart failure induced by a myocardial infarction. The group also explores therapeutic angiogenesis. 


The group concentrates on optimising synthetic engineerable hydrogels such that they both become more accurate extracellular matrix mimetics and also enhanced controlled release scaffolds. The refinement of the biomimetic nature of the hydrogels is undertaken in a closely collaborative effort with the Biomaterials Group at the CRU. As it has become increasingly evident that the biomechanical parameters of regenerative scaffolds must be carefully considered, collaborative development of computer models with the Biomedical Engineering Division has ensued. 

The group looks at utilising the refined scaffolds for the delivery of growth factors; the improved cardiac engraftment of adult stem cells and most recently the sustained release of RNA interference oligonucleotides. In all of these, active collaboration with international partners is undertaken.

The group has a fully equipped tissue culture facility, a small animal surgical theatre inclusive of echocardiography and micro-catheter pressure-volume systems, state of the art image analysis software and in house access to a histology laboratory.