PLEASE NOTE: Patient enquiries cannot unfortunately be entertained here. Please contact your practitioner/specialist for a doctor-to-doctor referral for medical treatment within the Chris Barnard Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Any patient query submitted via this form will unfortunately be ignored, without exception. This form is intended for enquiries regarding post-graduate studies within the Division or its affiliated Cardiovascular Research Unit or for any other reasonable communication related to collaboration or professional interest. If applying for a position, you are encouraged to attach a Curriculum Vitae. At present, however, no trainee specialist surgeon (surgical registrar) positions are available.

Training: Please note that our department operates in a third-party capacity with South African Universities of Technology to train Perfusion students. This means that we cannot train staff in Perfusion who are not affiliated with one of the three accredited South African universities and who have completed the degree. Please direct all course/training-related queries to one of these Institutions:

Durban University of TechnologyCentral University of TechnologyTshwane University of Technology

Vacancies: There are no vacancies at this time. If you are a qualified Perfusionist wanting to practice in South Africa, please direct your queries to the Health Professions Council of South Africa. We do not take foreign applications without the candidate first having their qualification recognised by the HPCSA.


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