Sports performance research has been a core research activity at UCT since the early 1980s.

Novel research relating to laboratory testing, the nature of fatigue, genetic traits in sport, sports nutrition, recovery strategies and other spheres which have produced leading international research studies that to influence sporting performance for both South African athletes and many international teams.

Researchers at HPALS have bene integrally involved in performance leading to the sub 2 hours marathon as well as top international cycling teams and stars such as 4 time Tour De France winner, Chris Froome, and more recently, UAE Team Emirates (2 x Tour de France winner and the Leading international Cycling Team). The cycling and running physiology laboratories offer World Class performance testing services to both local and visiting athletes.  HPALS sport scientists are amongst the most widely cited international researchers in rugby science, using video analysis and the development of bespoke training interventions and devices for measuring tackling techniques. HPALS researchers are also active members of the international Athlome Project Consortium which aims to collectively study the genetic contribution to athletic performance, adaptation to exercise training and susceptibility to injuries.

In addition, ground-breaking research into ant-doping strategies and technologies are ensuring that HPALS contributes in the fight to achieve fair sporting practice globally.