HPALS Announcements 03 November

09 Nov 2023 | By Neezaam Kariem,Natalie Erskine
09 Nov 2023 | By Neezaam Kariem,Natalie Erskine
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Sleep Science in Brazil


Sleep Science in Brazil

This Week's Publications

  • van Tonder R, Hendricks S, …Brown J. "Tackling the tackle 1: a descriptive analysis of 14,679 tackles and risk factors for high tackles in a community-level male amateur rugby union competition during a lowered tackle height law variation trial." Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (2023).
  • Alexander, F., Tucker, R., Jones, B., & Hendricks, S. (2023). X as a proxy for tackle safety culture? Sentiment analysis of social media posts on red-carded and yellow-carded tackles during the 2019 Rugby World Cup. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 9(4), e001756.
  • Tadmor, D., Till, K., Phillips, G., Brown, J., Fairbank, L., Hendricks, S., ... & Jones, B. (2023). I won't let you down; why 20% of Men's and Women's Super League players underreported suspected concussions. Journal of science and medicine in sport.
  • Eastwood, D., Owen, C., Phillips, G., Williams, S., Brown, J., Gardner, A. J.,Hendricks S ... & Jones, B. (2023). Incidence of concussion in men's Super League, Championship, and Academy rugby league matches between 2016 and 2022. Journal of science and medicine in sport.
  • Shill, I. J., West, S. W., Brown, J., Wilson, F., Palmer, D., Pike, I., Hendricks S... & Emery, C. A. (2023). How to harness and improve on video analysis for youth rugby player safety: a narrative review. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 9(3), e001645
  • Dikgomo, K., Hendricks, S., & Mutsvangwa, T. E. M. (2023). Development of an assessment instrument for student engagement in design thinking projects for health innovation. South African Journal of Higher Education, 37(4), 82-101.
  • Louwrens, J. G., Jansen van Rensburg, A., Viljoen, C. T., Hendricks, S., Botha, T., & Janse van Rensburg, D. C. (2023). Epidemiology and Time-Loss Shoulder Injuries in Professional South African Rugby Players: A Prospective Study That Focuses on Real-Time Collision Data during a Tackle. Applied Sciences (2076-3417), 13(19).
  • Pillay, L., Thompson, C., Tabane, C., Kirby, J., Hendricks, S., & Bayever, D. (2023). South African Institute of Drug-Free Sport Position Statement on CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). S Afr J Sports Med, 35, 1-4.
  • den Hollander, S., Lambert, M., Davidow, D., Jones, B., & Hendricks, S. (2023). Relationships of Contact Technique in Training and Matches With Performance and Injury Outcomes in Male Rugby Union. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 18(9), 982-995.
  • Davidow, D., Smith, M., Ross, T., James, G. L., Paul, L., Lambert, M., ... & Hendricks, S. (2023). Mental Fatigue Impairs Tackling Technique in Amateur Rugby Union Players. International journal of sports physiology and performance, 18(9), 960-967.
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