The 2016 Academic Fee for the PG Dipl programme, i.e. 8 courses plus HUB4032H, for SADC-region students is R39,030 (see p. 44 of the 2016 UCT Fees Handbook, a copy of which may be downloaded here).

The 2016 fee per individual course is R4,320 with the exception of courses HUB4073H and HUB4074H which carry a fee of R4,890, and the project HUB4032H course which carries a fee of R4,470.

International students (those from outside the SADC region) are charged a total of three fees:

  • the Academic Course Fees for the courses you intend registering for,
  • a non-refundable International Administration Service Fee of R3,275 and
  • an International Term Fee of R34,550 (if from Africa) and R41,970 (if from outside Africa) - see Fees Handbook pp 21.

Please note that the fees will be subject to an increase for 2017.

Unfortunately UCT does not provide funding support for Postgraduate Diploma students, although some relief may be provided for international students. There are bursaries available which will reduce the International Term Fee; these are awarded at the discretion of the Faculty Dean based on academic merit, financial need and faculty requirements. Should you wish to apply for a reduced International term fee, please apply at the relevant Faculty Office via your Programme Convener).

Statement of Account / Proforma Invoice

In order to obtain a fees statement, please send an email, with your student number to requesting the statement (please note that since the fees accounts are managed by the Fees Office, the HTM programme office is unable to provide you with this information). Alternatively, you could access this information via your Student Portal on Vula.

For a proforma invoice please go to and click on Proforma Invoice Request (on right side of page).


The preferred method of payment is by direct deposit at any branch of Standard Bank using the M65 form (downloadable from the Payment Methods page. When making payment the student number must be used as the reference to ensure prompt credit of payment to the student fees account (you will receive your student number after applying to UCT).

For students paying their own fees, payment should be made as per instructions for 'Full Degree Students' on the Payment Methods site.

Department of Health (DoH) Employees:
We are aware that there are often difficulties with fee payment procedures for students who are employees of the Department of Health (DoH) and whose studies are being paid for by DoH. Please see attachment for further information.


Please note that the academic fees (as given above) do not include the cost of accommodation, meals/food/refreshments and local transportation; these are for the students' (or their funders') accounts. UCT also is not able to arrange accommodation for students; however, please see attachment for a list of suggested options and related information.